Eric Lefkofsky Has Led To The Rise Of Precision Medicine

A large number of people in the U.S. opt for a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lifetime. Besides, most of us know about someone who has fought against this horrible disease. Now there are amazing advances that are being made in the prognosis due to the efforts being put in by companies such as Tempus. This company was co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. Today it is a leader in the field of precision medicine that is enabled by data.

It does seem that the recent development in the field of electronic health records indicate that the healthcare industry is keeping pace with modern technology. But this is not true. Eric Lefkofsky realized this when his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer. He was shocked to see the gap between data collection along with digital technology. There is a huge amount of data that gets generated about patients along with their treatment plans. This data gets collected but there is no effective or streamlined way to collate this information and use it effectively.

This is why Tempus has a huge and impressive goal of transforming the way in which cancer care gets delivered today. There is a platform developed by this company that is able to analyze the clinical and molecular data of a patient in an effective manner. This company can develop analytics software. The company also realized that providing clinical and medical data in an accessible and affordable manner was an issue too.

Tempus had another hurdle in the way in which crucial information is collected as well as stored. This is mainly related to cancer patients. Mostly this information gets collected through physician notes. But these are difficult to capture as well as analyze. Hence the software developed by Tempus would include the processing of natural language processing along with the capabilities being developed for optical character recognition. In this way, these text fields could be turned into structured data which can be used for advancing the treatment of cancer and the care afterward. The molecular data refers to genomic information here which is collected by human genome sequencing.

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How Adam Milstein Became Known as One of the Top Jewish Philanthropists

Adam Milstein continues to work for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. He is well known for his activism on behalf of the state of Israel. He supports various organizations and is a well known speaker and author who is invited to lecture at various events and to contribute to various publications. Adam Milstein is outspoken against anti semitism and bigotry.

He was born in Israel, where he served his mandatory service in the IDF and later studied at the Technion. After graduating there, he went to the United States where he studied in a university in California. He moved to the United States with his wife Gila in 1981. He and Gila started the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This organization focuses mainly on Jewish youth. This includes Israeli citizens living in the United States who need support. It also includes American Jewish youngsters. It helps them reconnect with their history and ancient roots. It also helps them connect with the Jewish state. He also founder the Israeli American Council. The Israeli American Council is an organization that focuses on bringing together Israel and America. It helps foster the bond that exists between the two nations and lobbies for policies that will benefit both countries.

Adam Milstein is also the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. This is a private real estate agency that owns a portfolio of real estate that is valued at over two million dollars. He started out as a sales agent there, but worked his way up until he became the managing partner.

Adam Milstein contributes to various organizations that help support Israel. For example, he supports the organization called Students Supporting Israel. This is an organization that helps college students mobilize and network to support Israel and fight the BDS campaign against Israel. He also supports CAMERA. However, Adam Milstein is a lot more than just a philanthropist. He is an activist, and always jumps into the thick of things to get things done. He does not suffice with just writing checks or putting his name on the board of an organization. He actively involves himself with the community.

Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is one of the fastest rising voices in the world of technology. As a futurist and investor himself, Hope has had the unique opportunity of pushing his thoughts into reality by way of active measures in investing and marketing. Hope is the founder of the mobile comms company Jawa and the success he found in that platform has allowed him to open up on his horizon of potential endeavors. Hope is successful entrepreneur who graduated from Arizona State and now focuses exclusively on technology. Let’s dig into what makes Hope so effective as an entrepreneur as well as what he is focused on here in the coming years.

Our focus will first start on the rise of smart technology and how it is going to breach some major areas of our life here soon. Right now Jason Hope is the first to admit that smart technology has been relatively relegated to the entertainment industry. That’s why you see shoes that measure your vitals, watches that keep track of your phone calls and emails, and even cars that are being developed to self-drive. However, Hope knows that eventually there will be a crossover where this technology is used for some of the fundamental aspects of life. When this happens the Internet of Things will truly be born.

As a futurist Jason Hope has known all along that you have to get out in front of new technology if you want to be one of the first to benefit from it. The Internet of Things is the hill that Hope is climbing, ahead of everyone else, in order to establish himself at the front of the line. Other big companies and industries are already following in place. Virgin Atlantic is embracing the Internet of Things to develop their aircraft and airport experiences. Google is embracing the IoT as they develop self driving cars. We’ll eventually see the government embrace the Internet of Things in order to speed up a bunch of distinct and important processes like fire department response time, police officer training, and even emergency relief for natural disasters.

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 Adam Milstein Meme Competition Taking Submissions Until August 3rd

Love memes? Who doesn’t. Internet memes have become a more and more poignant form of expression especially amongst Millennialls and Gen Z. The content is easily digestible and shareable, unlike traditional news stories or opinion pieces.

Adam Milstein of the Adam and Gila Milstein foundation took note of that, and launched the Adam Milstein Meme Competition – GOING ON NOW! The competition is currently running and open worldwide to anyone who would like to create and submit and original pro-Israel themed meme. These memes have no true rules and meme designers are encouraged to share what speaks to them. They can be comical or serious in nature. The goal is to find memes that resonate with other pro-Israel people online.

All memes will be posted to Facebook and there will be an open judging process that starts Thursday August 3rd. Adam Milstein again chose to take a different approach to the judging process that would register with younger generations by using Facebook reactions (emojis that cover things such as like, love, sad, laughter) to gauge the success of each meme. The memes that fare the best with Facebook reactions will enter the final judging round.

Adam Milstein will oversee six pro-Israel activists who will gather to judge the final memes and after the winners are determined they will be awarded cash prizes as well as have their memes reshared as the competition winners.

The memes that have already been submitted cover a wide range of topics and truly vary in nature from focused on what is happening in the news, to some highly comical memes that truly have the potential to go viral. You can view the memes already submitted or submit your own here: There is a limit of five memes per participant.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation was founded by Adam Milstein with the goal of igniting a spark of Jewish and pro-Israel pride among younger generations and giving them information to continue the dialogue about the importance of the peaceful alliance between the United States and Israel both overseas and in the United States. Adam Milstein is a native of Israel and currently resides in the United States.

UKV PLC Guides Clients in Choosing the Best Wines

United Kingdom Vintners (UKV) has a distinguished team of fine wine specialists who use their great mastery of this lucrative market to advise you on the best wine or champagne to suit your event or preference. The firm’s consultants are usually prepared to arrange face-to-face meetings with their clients to inform them about the services they offer and types of options that are available. The consultants highly flexible and ready to meet with their customers even at their homes.

Investing in the wine business

UKV PLC carries wide array of investment grade wine. Therefore, the firm can provide some of the most popular labels from reputable vineyards in Europe. The company addresses the needs of individuals who are launching a wine collection from scratch and those who are expanding the existing ones.

Several centuries ago, wine was utilized tradable commodity. It served as an alternative currency and could be exchanged for other assets and goods. Even today, many people who have disposable income consider fine wine a stable asset to possess. This philosophy accounts for the renewed interest in fine wine as an ideal place to protect funds against unsettled economic waves and financial downturns.

How UKV PLC can assist you in acquiring appropriate wines

UKV PLC has managed to create a strong, reliable, and broad supply chain that allows customers to purchase quality wines. The company addresses the needs of individuals who seek to invest in profitable wine collections and those who enjoy their desire of drinking wine. UKV PLC collaborates with extensive network of traders, brokers, and merchants to ensure clients can access valuable wine or champagne.

UKV PLC acquires, supplies, and sells investment grade wine and high-quality champagne for trade customers and private individuals. The company’s consultants strive to understand the preference and needs of their customers before recommending wines that are suitable for them. They also consider the budget of their clients. Those planning to sell their wines through UKV PLC can benefit from the firm’s exceptional brokerage services. Customers can contact one of UKV PLC’s wine specialists on 0207 471 8030.

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Anthony Petrello The Pillars of Nabors Industries

Working in the highly competitive market of energy is not always easy. There is a high demand for experienced executives in the industry as one needs to have proper knowledge and experience in the industry. For a company to be successful in the oil and gas sector, it needs to hire the best minds in the world. Nabors Industries is among the leading companies that have been operating for over 50 years and have set a high standard for other companies. They have operations not just in the United States but also in many other continents. Anthony Petrello has been the CEO of the company since 1991 and has contributed immensely to its growth and expansion. Anthony Petrello did not have a luxury childhood and had to work hard to be able to complete his studies. Coming from a poor family, he was taught from an early age that if he wanted to be successful, he had to work for it. He was always a good student and loved mathematics. His efforts allowed him to get admission to the prestigious Yale University and that too with a scholarship. He soon became a favourite among his teachers because of his intelligence, and most of them considered him to become top mathematicians of their time. But, he had other plans in mind when he later joined Harvard Law School to get a law degree. He started working with a law firm after getting the degree. It was here that he came across Nabors Industries. It was one of his top clients, and he looked over its legal affairs. After almost a decade working as the legal advisor of the Nabors Industries, he was offered the position of CEO of the company. It was a great opportunity for Anthony Petrello to grow in his career and he did not think twice before accepting it. Many old classmates of Anthony Petrello remember him as the teacher’s favorites and a brilliant student. None of them has thought that he would be one of the top CEO of the country one day. In an interview, he was asked the reason behind his success, and he answered that it was more hard work than luck.

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The Dedication Of Rocketship Education Towards Educational Reform Through Parental Involvement

Unlike the contemporary public school system in the U.S where staff hiring is the domain of the school administration, Rocketship Education allows parents to help in the hiring process of teachers. This is a network of nonprofit public elementary charter schools that cater to the needs of low-income families. In most cases, parents get to meet the individuals who will teach their children when the academic year is about to start. However, at Rocketship Education, parental involvement is one of the core principles.


According to Rocketship Education’s CEO and co-founder, Preston Smith, the participation of parents is important because it gives them an opportunity to meet and interact with the potential teachers of their children before the beginning of the school year. This ensures that there are no disagreements between the school’s administration, teaching staff, and parents.


Rocketship Education is recognized nationally because of the personalized and blended style of learning it implements. As a public charter school network, it is now also recognized because of its emphasis on parental involvement. This is made possible through community meetings, where parents meet the potential job finalists, as well as training several parents so that they have the capacity to conduct panel interviews.


However, it is important to note that this is not the first time that this system of parental involvement has been used. In the 1990s, it was also implemented by the Los Angeles Unified School District.


About Rocketship Education


This is a network of public charter schools that was originally founded in California, and currently has 18 schools in Washington D.C, Nashville, Milwaukee, and the Bay Area. The network was established in 2007 to serve low-income families with children from kindergarten through grade 5.


Through Rocketship Education, Preston Smith aims to inspire at-risk communities, engage parents, and empower parents so that children get the most out of their education. He believes that the goal of transformative schools is not only to educate but also to help children achieve their lifetime goals. Every individual at Rocketship Education is committed to positively impacting the community, and overall system of education.


The nonprofit network of charter schools is dedicated to availing high-quality education to all families in the United States.


NutriMost: The Personalized Nutrition System Taking the Country by Storm

NutriMost is quickly becoming one of the most popular health solutions and weight loss programs in the country. In fact, it’s become so popular that competitors have started to engage in questionable tactics in order to compete with the brand. Just recently, aNew York Daily News article covered the story of a NutriMost rival that had allegedly stolen video ads and testimony from NutriMost, presumably for a competitive edge in their marketing. Those who have used NutriMost might not be surprised at this. It seems that NutriMost simply can’t be beat when it comes to effectiveness.


The program’s creator, Dr. Mitch Gordon, DC, practices what he preaches. He himself lost 38 pounds within 40 days after starting the program, an experience which led him to help others achieve the same results. CT Style published a report about a woman who lost 80 pounds using the program. The same program reported on a couple who together lost 140 pounds using the program. In fact, the “40 pounds in 40 days” mantra has been repeated time and again by countless NutriMost customers. All this success might lead someone to ask what makes NutriMost different.


NutriMost technology doesn’t just help people lose weight, it also helps them keep it off. Each customer receives an individualized program, a significant difference over competitors that try to offer one size fits all solutions. The focus of NutriMost isn’t on weight loss alone; it’s on overall health. The combination of a personalized approach, a focus on health, and training that teaches customers how to keep the weight off for the rest of their lives seems to be the perfect formula for success. From massive weight loss to reversal of chronic health conditions like asthma and arthritis, NutriMost might be imitated, but it can’t be replicated.

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Talk Fusion’s Unique Video Marketing

If you are running a business or a charitable campaign, then you should experiment with different ways of marketing your company or cause. You will find that different approaches will hit audiences in a different manner. For instance, since we have changed our society recently in a more fast paced, technology driven way, the internet has become a vital asset in attaining growth of a new company. New and old companies will benefit from online marketing, and there are all types of online marketing campaigns that have various levels of success. However, there is a big reason why video marketing is so popular.

The Reason Why Video Marketing Is Worth Your Time

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing and most compelling ways to target any audience. Any type of organization can benefit from using online resources to market to consumers and their audience. There is one video marketing company that does a particularly good job at setting up templates and software for other organizations to use. That company is called Talk Fusion, and it was founded by a man named Bob Reina. The founder is also the CEO of Talk Fusion, and he has an extensive background in direct selling, so this man knows why audiences find certain material attractive and why they click.

Talk Fusion has a variety of products, which are all high quality. The company started out with just a single video email product, but they branched out to include an arsenal of compelling products that are sure to attract viewers to your organization. Talk Fusion has newsletters that are fully customization to include logos and whatever designs that your organization might want to include. They do more than just make the great software. Bob Reina talked about how the company has a lot to offer its clients in a recent video interview.

The ABC Action News Show called Morning Blend actually hosted a segment with Bob Reina where Bob discusses how the idea for Talk Fusion came about and why this company is offering something unique to clients. Here’s the url:

Raj Fernando Offers Chopper Trading Clients the Best

Raj Fernando is the founder and chief executive officer of Chopper Trading Company. In 2002, Raj took a risk by quitting the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade where he was an employee for more than four years. Among his interests is supporting charitable and humanitarian works in Chicago. Being a major fundraiser for politicians, Raj participated in the fundraising for President Obama before he was elected to the International Security Advisory Board. The ABC News reported his company, Chopper Trading, to be the third largest amongst the fundraisers for President Obama.

Raj on Chopper Trading

Raj developed an interest in entrepreneurship at a young age and decided to focus on it by finding his niche. He joined Beloit College where he graduated with a degree in Economics and History. It paved the way for him to the world of business where he founded Chopper Trading. The typical experience during the opening of markets is overwhelming; but unlike it, Chopper Trading experiences overwhelming traffic in business only when they close down. His mission is hiring the best in the field for proper customer services. Customer service in a firm equals the number of clients retained. According to Raj, employees should not frustrate clients or the pioneers of Chopper Trading.

In his words, Raj Fernando says that if employees make them miserable, they should not be hired at Chopper Trading because they would have the adverse effect on the whole team. Most companies, unlike Chopper Trading, hire a large number on board for training without proper screening. When he founded Chopper Trading, Raj implemented a hiring process method to ensure he keeps the best at Chopper Trading. At Business at Chopper Trading, staff must agree to offer the best services to clients.

The hiring process at Chopper Trading includes Raj engaging the candidates in workshops and travels to know their character. The panel of interviewers creates the real scenario of Chopper Trading, explaining in details how business operates. Upon selecting potential employees, the Chopper Trading staff travels with them to familiarize with their new working environment. A good example is the nonexistence of walls in the working station to enhance clear communication within the workplace. John Sizemore, a trader at Chopper Trading, explains their need to hire long-term employees. According to Sizemore, it is both time saving and valuable to hire people to retire.

Check out Raj on Twitter.