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Talk Fusion’s Unique Video Marketing

If you are running a business or a charitable campaign, then you should experiment with different ways of marketing your company or cause. You will find that different approaches will hit audiences in a different manner. For instance, since we have changed our society recently in a more fast paced, technology driven way, the internet has become a vital asset in attaining growth of a new company. New and old companies will benefit from online marketing, and there are all types of online marketing campaigns that have various levels of success. However, there is a big reason why video marketing is so popular.

The Reason Why Video Marketing Is Worth Your Time

Video marketing is one of the fastest growing and most compelling ways to target any audience. Any type of organization can benefit from using online resources to market to consumers and their audience. There is one video marketing company that does a particularly good job at setting up templates and software for other organizations to use. That company is called Talk Fusion, and it was founded by a man named Bob Reina. The founder is also the CEO of Talk Fusion, and he has an extensive background in direct selling, so this man knows why audiences find certain material attractive and why they click.

Talk Fusion has a variety of products, which are all high quality. The company started out with just a single video email product, but they branched out to include an arsenal of compelling products that are sure to attract viewers to your organization. Talk Fusion has newsletters that are fully customization to include logos and whatever designs that your organization might want to include. They do more than just make the great software. Bob Reina talked about how the company has a lot to offer its clients in a recent video interview.

The ABC Action News Show called Morning Blend actually hosted a segment with Bob Reina where Bob discusses how the idea for Talk Fusion came about and why this company is offering something unique to clients. Here’s the url:

Raj Fernando Offers Chopper Trading Clients the Best

Raj Fernando is the founder and chief executive officer of Chopper Trading Company. In 2002, Raj took a risk by quitting the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade where he was an employee for more than four years. Among his interests is supporting charitable and humanitarian works in Chicago. Being a major fundraiser for politicians, Raj participated in the fundraising for President Obama before he was elected to the International Security Advisory Board. The ABC News reported his company, Chopper Trading, to be the third largest amongst the fundraisers for President Obama.

Raj on Chopper Trading

Raj developed an interest in entrepreneurship at a young age and decided to focus on it by finding his niche. He joined Beloit College where he graduated with a degree in Economics and History. It paved the way for him to the world of business where he founded Chopper Trading. The typical experience during the opening of markets is overwhelming; but unlike it, Chopper Trading experiences overwhelming traffic in business only when they close down. His mission is hiring the best in the field for proper customer services. Customer service in a firm equals the number of clients retained. According to Raj, employees should not frustrate clients or the pioneers of Chopper Trading.

In his words, Raj Fernando says that if employees make them miserable, they should not be hired at Chopper Trading because they would have the adverse effect on the whole team. Most companies, unlike Chopper Trading, hire a large number on board for training without proper screening. When he founded Chopper Trading, Raj implemented a hiring process method to ensure he keeps the best at Chopper Trading. At Business at Chopper Trading, staff must agree to offer the best services to clients.

The hiring process at Chopper Trading includes Raj engaging the candidates in workshops and travels to know their character. The panel of interviewers creates the real scenario of Chopper Trading, explaining in details how business operates. Upon selecting potential employees, the Chopper Trading staff travels with them to familiarize with their new working environment. A good example is the nonexistence of walls in the working station to enhance clear communication within the workplace. John Sizemore, a trader at Chopper Trading, explains their need to hire long-term employees. According to Sizemore, it is both time saving and valuable to hire people to retire.

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How Highland Capital Management is Growing

Recently, the Co-Founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, made the decision to join forces with Linda Owen. Linda has been a civic leader as well as the former President of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The goal is to not only grow Highland Capital Management’s business portfolio but to seek more growth in the area of philanthropy. Owen’s main focus will be to oversee the operations and function of any charitable giving, as well as to build the relationship with The Dallas Foundation.

Linda is known for her expertise in building long-lasting relationships between private and public projects. This move comes at a great time when an election year has become fraught with issues swirling around veterans and their care. Education is also another hot topic, and in addition to the veterans, this is a great opportunity to further one of the most important aspects of what Americans care about most.

This gives James Dondero a chance to focus his efforts on the area of growing the business as a whole and dedicating his time to advising on investments both large and small. Dondero desires to provide guidance to those who need it most for the sake of education in health specifically while fostering a love of science and those organizations which further education within their specific niche areas.

Dondero’s firm is an adviser that is SEC registered and has nearly $17 billion in assets. Working on a global scale, the firm oversees credit management as well as private equity and accounts that are in distress. You can learn more by reading the full press release

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Eric Pulier’s Illustrious Computer Software Career

Eric Pulier is a Harvard University alumnus who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He’s an author and entrepreneur who works in the computer software field. He also puts a lot of effort into various philanthropic activities. Although Eric Pulier resides on the West Coast at the moment, he originally hails from the Eastern United States. He was reared in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Pulier’s passion for all things computer-related began at an extremely young age. He got involved in computer programming when he was in elementary school. He even took initiative and began a database computer firm by the time his high school years rolled around. Pulier enrolled in college in 1984. He studied American and English literature. He had a column for Harvard University’s student newspaper, too. When Pulier wasn’t busy studying at Harvard and penning pieces for The Harvard Crimson, he spent time at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He completed several courses at the institution. Pulier finished his college education in 1988. He was a magna cum laude graduate.

Pulier has been part of many different companies throughout the years. He’s the Chief Executive Officer and founder of vAtomic Systems, Inc. He’s the co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc. Other examples of companies that Pulier has been involved with over the years are Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Inc., Akana, Media Platform, Inc. and Desktone, Inc. Some of Pulier’s many skills and areas of expertise are software development, cloud computing, system architecture, agile methodologies, business intelligence, enterprise architecture, product marketing, solution architecture, distributed systems, mobile devices, professional services, web services and strategic partnerships. Pulier’s abilities are in no way restricted to just those subjects, either.

Pulier has been a resident of Los Angeles, California since the beginning of the nineties. He relocated there in 1991. That’s precisely when he launched a firm that was called “People Doing Things.” Focuses of this company were education and medical care. People Doing Things also concentrated on various other topics that benefited significantly from technological advancements.

Pulier enjoys his role of being a father. He has four kids. They all live together in Los Angeles.

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Diversant under the Leadership of John Goullet

In an official report, Diversant LLC announced that John Goullet would be taking over as the principal. This news has got everyone in the tech world talking. In 2010, John Goullet merged his company, Info Technologies, with Diversant. Diversant LLC is reputable for often striving for excellence. Their motto “Empowered by difference” is really inspiring. Quite frankly this is a motto that we should all live by.

Diversant LLC offers a broad range of diversity and staffing solutions within the IT sector. Some of the services offered by the organization include IT staff augmentation, direct hire, and diversity solutions. Diversant is the largest information technology staffing company in the United States. It boasts of its consultative approach when dealing with customers. They are often seeking to understand and come up with solutions that satisfy every client’s personal needs. Diversity is the company’s trademark; they believe that diversity is the correct manner through which a business should be operated. They have developed several solutions for the customers intended to promote diversity in the place of work.

Diversant LLC is head by a team, of professionals including the principal and chair John Goullet. Mr. Goullet is an experienced entrepreneur in the IT world, having steered the establishment of different firms. Goullet began his career journey as an IT consultant before advancing to IT staffing account executive. He founded his firm, Info Technologies in 1994. Info Technologies mainly focused on offering information technology staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies throughout the nation. John’s company expanded fast and became very successful. The company was listed among the fastest growing private companies in the USA.

Goullet has been with Diversant LLC for almost seven years. John has a solid education background, having studied computer science at the Ursinus College, situated in the Greater Philadelphia area. He graduated successfully in 1983. He has been serving in his firm, Info Technologies from 19904 to 2010.

Mr. John Goullet is a remarkable leader since he has succeeded in most of his endeavors. John is currently the principal of Diversant LLC. Other top executives of the company include Gene Waddy who is the chief executive officer and Jim Yoshimura who is the chief operations officer.