Eric Pulier’s Illustrious Computer Software Career

Eric Pulier is a Harvard University alumnus who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He’s an author and entrepreneur who works in the computer software field. He also puts a lot of effort into various philanthropic activities. Although Eric Pulier resides on the West Coast at the moment, he originally hails from the Eastern United States. He was reared in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Pulier’s passion for all things computer-related began at an extremely young age. He got involved in computer programming when he was in elementary school. He even took initiative and began a database computer firm by the time his high school years rolled around. Pulier enrolled in college in 1984. He studied American and English literature. He had a column for Harvard University’s student newspaper, too. When Pulier wasn’t busy studying at Harvard and penning pieces for The Harvard Crimson, he spent time at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He completed several courses at the institution. Pulier finished his college education in 1988. He was a magna cum laude graduate.

Pulier has been part of many different companies throughout the years. He’s the Chief Executive Officer and founder of vAtomic Systems, Inc. He’s the co-founder of ServiceMesh, Inc. Other examples of companies that Pulier has been involved with over the years are Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Inc., Akana, Media Platform, Inc. and Desktone, Inc. Some of Pulier’s many skills and areas of expertise are software development, cloud computing, system architecture, agile methodologies, business intelligence, enterprise architecture, product marketing, solution architecture, distributed systems, mobile devices, professional services, web services and strategic partnerships. Pulier’s abilities are in no way restricted to just those subjects, either.

Pulier has been a resident of Los Angeles, California since the beginning of the nineties. He relocated there in 1991. That’s precisely when he launched a firm that was called “People Doing Things.” Focuses of this company were education and medical care. People Doing Things also concentrated on various other topics that benefited significantly from technological advancements.

Pulier enjoys his role of being a father. He has four kids. They all live together in Los Angeles.

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