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For Your Future, Invest in Precious Metals with U.S. Money Reserve

According to CBS19, The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metal distributors in the United States and takes pride in the reputation they have built. Since Philip Diehl became president of the U.S. Money Reserve, after serving as Director of the U.S. Mint under Bill Clinton’s presidential term of office, he reorganized the business to build a stronger customer response team. Read more: In Recognition Of The 75th Anniversary, The U.S. Money Reserve And The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Combine Efforts To Raise A Bronze Lone Sailor Statue At Pearl Harbor and US Money Reserve Promo Codes, 4 Coupons 2016

The team has created a superior response to clients, building a customer base that receives the best customer service available. The new website recently launched offers an online information base of precious metals. Customers can choose U.S. minted coins of gold, silver and platinum. The website also offers a Knowledge Center that answers such questions as coin grading, mintage of coins and why they vary in value.

You can set up an account with the U.S. Money Reserve to safely and securely manage all your purchases online and have your precious metals delivered to you at your home or office. Investing in precious metals is more than an investment, it is an investment that is tangible. You receive your investment and can physically hold your purchase, not just hold a piece of paper. Taking control of your future and securing your investment. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The website also has a complete IRA Precious Metals Program. U.S. Money Reserve enables you to move an existing IRA account, or a 401 (K) into a Precious Metals IRA Account. With the financial market continuously fluctuating, and the stock market in constant turmoil, it’s the perfect time to take charge of your future and secure your retirement. Buying gold, silver and platinum from one of the most respected distributors in the world guarantees your future.

Why should you choose U.S. Money Reserve to guarantee your retirement money is there when you need it. The team is always there to answer questions, provide you with the information you need, and maintain the confidentiality and security of your information.

When it is your future you are preparing for, or just starting out in the world of precious metals; U.S. Money Reserve is there to help you reach your goals.

Makeup Entrepreneur Doe Deere Talks Style Rules

Style is something we all know from the moment we see it. A personal sense of style is something that most of us aim to have at all times. Part of any personal fashion style is the use of the right kind of makeup. Makeup is an integral part of any look. The right kind of makeup can help anyone look put together while also conveying an air of playful youth if wanted. Makeup can also be about putting on a different kind of person and allowing anyone to engage in all kinds of pretend activities that they enjoy doing.

Someone who fully understands just how it is possible to use makeup in this way is fashion professional Doe Deere. Deere knows a great deal about makeup. In an interview that she gave for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks about the many ways that people today can use makeup to create their own looks. Makeup, like all other fashion, as Deere points out, has what are considered to be rules. These are rules that people are told not to break lest they look bad. Deere says to heck with such rules and urges her fans and readers to do the same. Her makeup is all about breaking such rules and looking great at the same time.

She has shown how a love of fashion can easily translate into a thriving business that meets the needs of her customers. In starting Lime Crime, her aim was to create a company that was all about experimentation and the ability to work with makeup that is fun and also looks great. As head of the company, her aim is also about bringing fashion and new designs and colors to her customers. She knows that rule breaking can be a fun way to have a look that is unique someone’s own.

Deere has seen tremendous growth as a result of her devotion to the ideals of fashion. In the last few years, her company has taken off as people have discovered how she can help them get the kind of look they want at a price they can afford. This has been why her company attracts fashion fans. They look to her to help them create makeup looks that work well at all times. They also look to her to help find the right kind of contemporary makeup product that is just right for them.

George Soros: Breaking the Bad in Russia



The world has seen many successful business moguls. However, not many can pride themselves in breaking a bank like George Soros can.


George Soros was born in Budapest in Hungary. He fled Hungary has led to London, where his life changed. Soros has led a great life filled with various achievements. He is a human rights activist, an investment banker, an author and a philanthropist. Among his works and achievements, Soros has talked and condemned the asylum crisis going on across the European countries.


He then relocated to New York where his career flourished over three decades. He rose through the ranks at three prestigious global firms. Eventually, George gathered the courage to go into business alone. He established the Soros Fund, an investment bank that reaped enormous profits and benefited from his leadership and insightful input.


George Soros is a well-travelled man. He has business links with many firms and moguls across all continents. These relationships add value to his business and personal life. Mr. Soros came to appreciate the diversity of culture and ideology. He has since developed the concept of an open society that resonates with thinkers and humanitarians across the world. In his thesis, a free society arises from our cognizance of factors that make us different. We must embrace diversity and accommodate all our differences instead of applying a scattergun policy.


Soros remains vocal on various global issues. In his admission, the success he enjoyed in financial markets allows him the independence to venture into the social sector. The Open Societies have for decades made a huge difference in many parts of the world. For instance, they facilitated cultural exchange between the west and the east after the fall of communism. Also, numerous scholarship programs have been rolled out to promote literacy in poor communities around the world. During the apartheid in South Africa, Soros aided the oppressed blacks by paying legal fees to solve their detention and taking children to school.


The involvement of George and his networks in Russia has courted controversy and criticism in many occasions. The situation if further compounded by his criticism of Russia’s foreign policy that has led to a conflict with Ukraine. As a result, the Open Society Foundations were banned in Russia earlier last year.


Local authorities declared security risks emanating from the inferior democratic principles introduced by the foundations. A series of events have since taken place including the confiscation and destruction of library books donated by Soros to colleges in the Komi province.

Monitor Your Teen’s App Usage

Phones are a big deal. Teens like phones and they likely have one of their own. While there isn’t much that you can do about your teen having a phone, there are some things that you need to be aware of when looking at their apps. Apps on teen’s phones can be distracting at best and dangerous at worst.

Apps like Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are all made for teens to be able to express themselves. They are social media sites and are essentially made for teens to be able to express what they are feeling about a situation. They are not meant to be private and most teens understand that these apps allow most people in the world to be able to see them. The major downside to these apps is that they are distracting and they can occasionally encourage bullying.

Texting apps and picture texting apps are generally made to be used for teens who might not want their texts to go through the regular venues. Many teens use these to ensure that they don’t have to give out their actual phone number. They may also use the apps if they do not want a parent to see what they are texting. Apps that can be used for these purposes include Kik and Snapchat, both which encourage teens to stay anonymous and may risk the teen engaging in sexting or other behaviours that are generally considered to be somewhat risky.

Dating apps are a big deal to teens and Skout is one of the most popular. As the original dating app, it has come a long way since it was first introduced. It allows teens to find other teens in their area and even people across the world. This is one positive and benefit of the app. Teens can choose to find people on the app who are close to home but they may also be searching for people who are far away in other countries. While this app is regarded as safe, it is still important to monitor your teen’s usage of the app.

Another benefit of using the Skout app is that it has an area that is specifically designed for teenagers. The chat rooms are made for teens and the teens can choose to find only people who are teenagers.

Be Whomever You Want Just Be Sure To Listen To Doe Deere And Express Yourself.

Rarely, in the beauty industry do you come across someone who is a self proclaimed breaker of the rules as stated. In a a great magazine article by Bustle it talks about someone happy to toss aside all the rules that go along with beauty. That women is president and CEO of Lime Crime a makeup company no less. Her name is Doe Deere and she believes that it is a party when the rules of the makeup world are broken. So what if it might make some of the beauty world once was, turn in their graves. It is an excellent way to be who you are and not what beauty dictates.

Doe Deere has gone from reigning self made celebrity, on youtube creating an individualized pace that puts style at everyone’s own speed. If someone is wanting to wear what they want she encourages it. Patterns can be miss matched meaning one might be plaid and the other might be polka a dot but it is simply a must do. She feels that it is all about bringing in the colors and rocking the clothes that each person likes. So if you want to wear hot pink t-shirt with red lipstick and glitter nails than the more power to you.

It is a fabulous message that she sends to the youth today. If it is felt, wear it. If you want to wear two different styles then go right ahead and make it work. There is no reason to wear the same socks which, has become a trendy thing to do among high school students and young adults. If you are not sure whether hello kitty or rainbow brite is more your style than go right ahead and wear both. There is a reason that Doe Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 through the interface of Ebay. It was something she wanted and when she is driven she definitely goes after it.

It is a fantastic lesson for all those young ladies coming up in the world and Doe encourages it at her own company. She is all about allowing people to be who they are and that fly’s just the same at lime crime. If a girl works for Doe Deere uniqueness is something that is never frowned upon in fact it is expected. This allows such a different work environment but, it is something that people love to experience.

It is inspirational to see people with the ability to do things that show the various personalities. So tie your hair in rainbows and wear your favorite socks, skirt and be sure to wear a themed shirt. Anything goes when it comes to fashion from the prospects of younger people entering the beauty world. It is important to make sure that each person is celebrated for their awesome style and vibrations as it is rare to have a world where truly anything does go but that is what we have.

Dating And Socializing Are A Lot More Fun On Skout

The Nation is an informative website that has all kinds of information about travel, technology, news and more. Those looking for certain types of information will visit this website, and an informative article that they recently posted was about applications to download. Although there are so many applications to choose from, some who like to download applications may want suggestions, and The Nation posted three of their suggestions on the list. The list includes applications that are great for those who like to watch or edit videos, and the last on the list is the Skout network, which is a social media and dating network.

Online dating is a trend that has only gotten more popular over the years, especially with the introduction of networks like Skout. Although there are a lot of online dating websites out there as well as applications, the Skout network takes the cake as one of the best online dating networks because of its structure. Skout is created to be different from other dating networks, especially because there is a fun factor involved. Many people don’t simply want to go online to look for a date, but many choose to go to a network that allows them to have fun while looking for that particular date.

If a person goes to an online dating network and finds that it only allows them look for, find, and talk to a person, then they are less likely to enjoy the network. Skout is unique because it allows people a more diverse way to search for someone by putting in specific information and the features that they are looking for in a person. A Skout user can also find out where another person is located, based on using their Skout location services, and they can determine if that person is who they are interested in.

If one person on Skout finds another person that they want to talk to, then all they have to do is message the person or even send a picture as a way to entice them. Skout even has greetings that can be sent to those on the network, and greetings are similar to sending an online gift, which also can be done on the Skout network. Instead of simply talking to someone on Skout, it’s possible to draw them in by giving them gifts, sending pictures, talking, and getting to know the other person. Skout isn’t only for those who want to date either.

If a person feels that they would rather socialize online than date, then they can still enjoy the Skout network because Skout is a great socializing network as well. Skout is known as a social media network as well as being a dating website, which many networks are not. The fact that Skout allows people to date at will as well as find friends at will makes the network a lot more unique and fun for those who want to get to know others outside of their inner circle or others around the world.

Real Estate Training – Tips On Selling More Homes

Selling houses is not that easy, especially since there are so many other agents you may be up against. It can be hard at times to know exactly how to sell a home if you aren’t that experienced. When you don’t have a huge amount of knowledge on the subject and you don’t know how to handle people just yet, being able to sell a house can be even tougher than normal.

Real Estate Training – Tips On Selling More Homes

– Understanding People And Psychology

It’s vital that you take the time to invest in knowing how to work with people and what it is that gets people interested. If you want to get people to buy a home, you need to know the right time for when you can just jump in to get the sale. You cannot just lay back in your seat and expect for people to just buy the home without veered bothering to ask small questions or try to find out as much as they can from the clients. You need to bring yourself closer to your clients and understand the specific psychology behind what they are thinking. Simply understanding the basics of psychology and the mind can go a long way for improving your sales for the long haul.

– Improving The House

If you want to increase your chances at selling a home, you need to do all that you need to in order to succeed. Improving the house is so much easier when you work with the homeowner themselves and devise a plan that actually causes for the home to be showcased the right way. The home should be properly planned out and cleaned up in order for it to grow effectively and get people interested. You need to transform and change the house as much as you possibly can. Improving the home is so much easier when you take the time to work closely with your homeowners.

The best way to get the perfect training to guide you is to invest in quality coaching from a company like The Real Estate Mavericks. This company known for providing top notch real estate agent coaching that can further grow your brand and help you knows the inner secrets for making serous cash in this business. It doesn’t matter where you are and what you are trying to accomplish in this industry. If you want to sell homes and make as much as $25 million dollars in revenue from real estate, Greg Hague from the Real Estate Mavericks can truly guide you for the better.

Greg Hague has helped create countless success Tories for their students. Some of the people who have worked with Greg have made thousands upon millions of dollars in sales. The Real Estate Mavericks is ultimately one of the best companies to help any agent learn the secrets of this business. Their marketing techniques will help you make serious cash in this industry even if you have very minimal experience as agents.

FreedomPop’s Cell Phone Service Is One Of The Best Deals Around

FreedomPop is a name well known for low-cost services, and now they have low-cost cell phones as well. The purchase of a smartphone from FreedomPop will now include a month of service that’s absolutely free. The free service will have unlimited phone calls, unlimited text messages, and 1 GB of data. Not only is this a great deal for those looking for new phone service but those looking for a great new phone will also come out on top with this excellent deal.

People find it absolutely necessary to be able to contact their loved ones, so most people have a cell phone these days. If a person didn’t have a cell phone, it’s unlikely that they would be able to easily contact a friend or family member, especially if they were outside of their home. Some have a home phone that they use to contact others, but unfortunately, a home phone cannot be taken outside of the home. Those that do not have a cell phone find it difficult to make contact with others, especially since most people prefer not to lend their cell phones out to people they don’t know.

Since most people have smartphones that are incredibly expensive, most people couldn’t walk up to someone and ask to borrow their phone call. Although the phone call is not the problem, because most people aren’t paying much for their cell phone service, some are worried that a person may run off with their phone. It’s always a good idea to have one’s own phone because it’s never a guarantee that anyone will allow someone to make a phone call, not even if they go inside a restaurant or store. If a person has a cell phone number that’s out of the area, then a common home phone may not be able to call the phone, especially if they have no long distance plan.

Most cell phones these days have long distance plans included, and it’s not even called long distance anymore. Most plans are considered USA plans and they can call anywhere in the United States. Cell phone plans are no longer expensive, but some of them can get costly, depending on what a person may add to cell phone service. Those that choose to buy a cell phone through the company they are getting service from may end up seeing an incredibly high bill each month. It may be a better idea to buy a cell phone separately, and then get cell phone service with a company like FreedomPop.

Learn more about FreedomPop on their Wiki page