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Anthony Petrello The Pillars of Nabors Industries

Working in the highly competitive market of energy is not always easy. There is a high demand for experienced executives in the industry as one needs to have proper knowledge and experience in the industry. For a company to be successful in the oil and gas sector, it needs to hire the best minds in the world. Nabors Industries is among the leading companies that have been operating for over 50 years and have set a high standard for other companies. They have operations not just in the United States but also in many other continents. Anthony Petrello has been the CEO of the company since 1991 and has contributed immensely to its growth and expansion. Anthony Petrello did not have a luxury childhood and had to work hard to be able to complete his studies. Coming from a poor family, he was taught from an early age that if he wanted to be successful, he had to work for it. He was always a good student and loved mathematics. His efforts allowed him to get admission to the prestigious Yale University and that too with a scholarship. He soon became a favourite among his teachers because of his intelligence, and most of them considered him to become top mathematicians of their time. But, he had other plans in mind when he later joined Harvard Law School to get a law degree. He started working with a law firm after getting the degree. It was here that he came across Nabors Industries. It was one of his top clients, and he looked over its legal affairs. After almost a decade working as the legal advisor of the Nabors Industries, he was offered the position of CEO of the company. It was a great opportunity for Anthony Petrello to grow in his career and he did not think twice before accepting it. Many old classmates of Anthony Petrello remember him as the teacher’s favorites and a brilliant student. None of them has thought that he would be one of the top CEO of the country one day. In an interview, he was asked the reason behind his success, and he answered that it was more hard work than luck.

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