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Makeup Entrepreneur Doe Deere Talks Style Rules

Style is something we all know from the moment we see it. A personal sense of style is something that most of us aim to have at all times. Part of any personal fashion style is the use of the right kind of makeup. Makeup is an integral part of any look. The right kind of makeup can help anyone look put together while also conveying an air of playful youth if wanted. Makeup can also be about putting on a different kind of person and allowing anyone to engage in all kinds of pretend activities that they enjoy doing.

Someone who fully understands just how it is possible to use makeup in this way is fashion professional Doe Deere. Deere knows a great deal about makeup. In an interview that she gave for Bustle Magazine, Deere talks about the many ways that people today can use makeup to create their own looks. Makeup, like all other fashion, as Deere points out, has what are considered to be rules. These are rules that people are told not to break lest they look bad. Deere says to heck with such rules and urges her fans and readers to do the same. Her makeup is all about breaking such rules and looking great at the same time.

She has shown how a love of fashion can easily translate into a thriving business that meets the needs of her customers. In starting Lime Crime, her aim was to create a company that was all about experimentation and the ability to work with makeup that is fun and also looks great. As head of the company, her aim is also about bringing fashion and new designs and colors to her customers. She knows that rule breaking can be a fun way to have a look that is unique someone’s own.

Deere has seen tremendous growth as a result of her devotion to the ideals of fashion. In the last few years, her company has taken off as people have discovered how she can help them get the kind of look they want at a price they can afford. This has been why her company attracts fashion fans. They look to her to help them create makeup looks that work well at all times. They also look to her to help find the right kind of contemporary makeup product that is just right for them.

Be Whomever You Want Just Be Sure To Listen To Doe Deere And Express Yourself.

Rarely, in the beauty industry do you come across someone who is a self proclaimed breaker of the rules as stated. In a a great magazine article by Bustle it talks about someone happy to toss aside all the rules that go along with beauty. That women is president and CEO of Lime Crime a makeup company no less. Her name is Doe Deere and she believes that it is a party when the rules of the makeup world are broken. So what if it might make some of the beauty world once was, turn in their graves. It is an excellent way to be who you are and not what beauty dictates.

Doe Deere has gone from reigning self made celebrity, on youtube creating an individualized pace that puts style at everyone’s own speed. If someone is wanting to wear what they want she encourages it. Patterns can be miss matched meaning one might be plaid and the other might be polka a dot but it is simply a must do. She feels that it is all about bringing in the colors and rocking the clothes that each person likes. So if you want to wear hot pink t-shirt with red lipstick and glitter nails than the more power to you.

It is a fabulous message that she sends to the youth today. If it is felt, wear it. If you want to wear two different styles then go right ahead and make it work. There is no reason to wear the same socks which, has become a trendy thing to do among high school students and young adults. If you are not sure whether hello kitty or rainbow brite is more your style than go right ahead and wear both. There is a reason that Doe Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 through the interface of Ebay. It was something she wanted and when she is driven she definitely goes after it.

It is a fantastic lesson for all those young ladies coming up in the world and Doe encourages it at her own company. She is all about allowing people to be who they are and that fly’s just the same at lime crime. If a girl works for Doe Deere uniqueness is something that is never frowned upon in fact it is expected. This allows such a different work environment but, it is something that people love to experience.

It is inspirational to see people with the ability to do things that show the various personalities. So tie your hair in rainbows and wear your favorite socks, skirt and be sure to wear a themed shirt. Anything goes when it comes to fashion from the prospects of younger people entering the beauty world. It is important to make sure that each person is celebrated for their awesome style and vibrations as it is rare to have a world where truly anything does go but that is what we have.