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George Soros: Breaking the Bad in Russia



The world has seen many successful business moguls. However, not many can pride themselves in breaking a bank like George Soros can.


George Soros was born in Budapest in Hungary. He fled Hungary has led to London, where his life changed. Soros has led a great life filled with various achievements. He is a human rights activist, an investment banker, an author and a philanthropist. Among his works and achievements, Soros has talked and condemned the asylum crisis going on across the European countries.


He then relocated to New York where his career flourished over three decades. He rose through the ranks at three prestigious global firms. Eventually, George gathered the courage to go into business alone. He established the Soros Fund, an investment bank that reaped enormous profits and benefited from his leadership and insightful input.


George Soros is a well-travelled man. He has business links with many firms and moguls across all continents. These relationships add value to his business and personal life. Mr. Soros came to appreciate the diversity of culture and ideology. He has since developed the concept of an open society that resonates with thinkers and humanitarians across the world. In his thesis, a free society arises from our cognizance of factors that make us different. We must embrace diversity and accommodate all our differences instead of applying a scattergun policy.


Soros remains vocal on various global issues. In his admission, the success he enjoyed in financial markets allows him the independence to venture into the social sector. The Open Societies have for decades made a huge difference in many parts of the world. For instance, they facilitated cultural exchange between the west and the east after the fall of communism. Also, numerous scholarship programs have been rolled out to promote literacy in poor communities around the world. During the apartheid in South Africa, Soros aided the oppressed blacks by paying legal fees to solve their detention and taking children to school.


The involvement of George and his networks in Russia has courted controversy and criticism in many occasions. The situation if further compounded by his criticism of Russia’s foreign policy that has led to a conflict with Ukraine. As a result, the Open Society Foundations were banned in Russia earlier last year.


Local authorities declared security risks emanating from the inferior democratic principles introduced by the foundations. A series of events have since taken place including the confiscation and destruction of library books donated by Soros to colleges in the Komi province.